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MAGIC WATER - 6 0unce Size

The easiest and most realistic water modeling system available.




KIT SIZE:              6 Oz. Kit
COVERAGE: 10" X 10"  X 1/8 inch deep
CONDITION:  Product is New In Box 
SCC PRICE:    $ 15.95
AVAILABILITY: SCC Status - Limited Stock  -  4 Only

MAGIC  WATER  -  The easiest and most realistic water modeling resin system available today.  Guaranteed not to yellow, shrink, crack or bubble.

Extremely user friendly, not needing to be heated or layered and has ample working time before it sets up firm.


SIMPLY  MIX  AND  POUR  -  it's that easy !!

Kit comes as a two part resin system.  Just mix one part from small bottle A with two parts from big bottle B into a large suitable plastic container.  Stir mixture slowly, so as not to create bubbles, until completely mixed - approximately 10 minutes to be thoroughly mixed.  Then Simply Pour Magic Water, as if it was real water into desired area. And then allow to set up for approximately 24 hours and your pond, lake, river, swimming pool, waterfall, or diorama is complete. 

A big plus for Magic Water, it allows you to add as many additional layers later without showing any pouring seams.  If this is your plan, it is recommended that you do not pour more than 1/2 inch per each application.  Magic Water can be tinted to any color that you desire, even form it as ice for a skating rink or simply a frozen pond.

Each box comes complete with a multi-page color booklet and instruction guide loaded with water modeling tips and techniques on making realistic ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, swamps, swimming pools, mudpuddles and much more.

APPLICATIONS: See additional pictures on our, Magic Water Home Page, for some of the Great Results you can achieve with this incredible product.

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Small Kit - 6 oz.

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Magic Water - 6 Oz. Kit