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Welcome All !!  -  To our Magic Water Home Page.

MAGIC WATER - The Most "Realistic Water Modeling System" Available.

We at SCC are very pleased to be able to bring you these marvelous products from Unreal Details LLC.

This product is the result of a long search for the ideal water modeling resin.  Over a year in development, but now it is here and available to you from Silver Creek Collectables.  A product that will not yellow, shrink, crack or bubble even when pond debris detail is added.  Very user friendly with simple instructions, not needing to be heated or layered and has ample working time before it sets up.

It sets up in as little as 12 hours and not more than 24 depending on the atmospheric conditions. Each medium kit  of Magic Water contains enough resin, 18 ounces, to cover an area of 2 square feet at 1/8 inch deep.  Each large kit will cover 11 square feet at 1/8 inch deep.

You may pour it as thick or as thin as you desire, however no more than 1/2 " depth at a time should be done.  If you want to do a deeper pour, do it in 1/2 " layers allowing each layer to cure between pours; this will guarantee that no seams will be noticeable.  

Each of the product sizes comes complete with a multi page color booklet and instruction guide loaded with water modeling tips and techniques on how to make ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, swamps, swimming pools, mud puddles and much more. The easiest and most realistic product you will ever try.
We are proud to be a fully Authorized Dealer for Magic Water - Unreal Details LLC . 



It has now become easier to model water.  MAGIC WATER introduces Preformed Lakes and Ponds.  Vacuum formed from durable styrene plastic, you can simply transfer the enclosed stencil profile of your Magic Water pond or lake to your desired location, whatever the surface may be, cut out the area for the shape and glue it in with Liquid Nails or equivalent product.  You may want to detail your pond or lake before installing it on your layout. 
We presently offer 6 shapes of ponds.  You choose from Little Paw Paw Lake, Magician Lake, Crooked Lake, Mushroom Lake, Long Lake or Pipestone Lake with Bass Island.  See all of the above ponds in our product detail area.







Magic Water® products are not toys
and are not intended to be ingested

- Not for children under 14 years.

Proud to be a Dealer of Magic Water-Unreal Details LLC.