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Welcome All !!  -  To our Micro-Trains Line Home Page.


Micro-Trains - N Scale Items.

In this section we will offer to you, our customers, a vast assortment of N scale quality products from Micro-Trains.  We will also be offering for sale MTL items that we have collected over the past 30 years.  Some items will be sold individually and occasionaly full collections will be offered.  A number of Hard-to-find and Limited Edition items will also be made available for your perusal.

We pride ourselves in supplying "Collector Quality" products. If we have any items, that we designate as not Collector Quality, we will advise the condition of these items on each Product Page so that you are made fully aware of the items condition prior to purchasing.

In addition to our New MTL Dealer Items and our own Collection Items we offer for sale MTL items that have been carefully selected from respected collector sales locations and limited independent personal collections.  We strive to only sell the following two Grade-Level Items.  The grading of SCC items is determined by the individual quality level of each item and individual item grading is at the sole-discretion of the Seller. 

Grade I  --  New/Mint/Exceptonal Quality:
Items that are brand new direct from the Manufacturer.  Also items that appear to be new, complete with all the correct packaging, without evidence of being altered, and no evidence of item wear from running on any layout (with the exception of locomotive running test possibilities).  Price tag (If appropriate) is intact and correct; box is in good condition and appropriate for the item period.  All parts are correct for the specific item.  Slight shelf wear or small pressure cracking of box or lid may be evident.

Grade II  --  Very Good to Excellent Quality:
As in Grade I, but may demonstrate slight evidence of age including discoloration of Price Sticker, Insert Labels and slight yellowing of box and lid.  As well as minor cracks found in the box and lid.

We are extremely pleased to be a fully Authorized Dealer for "Micro-Trains Line Co." products.

If you need an item, that we do not list to fill that vacant spot in your collection, feel free to contact us by email and perhaps we can order this item for you or we may be able to offer alternate solutions for locating your item. 



SCC       -   Silver Creek Collectables
MTL       -   Micro-Trains Line Co.
NSC       -   N Scale Collector Association
NSE       -   N Scale Enthusiast Association
OOP      -   Out Of Production
USF       -   American Currency
CAN       -   Canadian Currency
RB/BB   -   Ringling Bros. / Barnum and Bailey
Rd #      -   Road Number
NMRA    -   National Model Railroad Association 
MW        -   Magic Water



Micro-Trains is the only model train manufacturer of any scale that offers more than 130 different styles of prototypically correct model train freight cars. The company's uncompromising standards of excellence are reflected in the uniquely accurate features, and exacting fidelity in the micro-fine printing and lettering that each freight car offers. The fit, finish, and detail of each item produced is celebrated throughout the railroad modeling community.

So, whether you're a model train operator, a collector, or someone who simply enjoys the highest quality models of any type, Micro-Trains is the source, both today and tomorrow!




1) Starting with  the July 2000 releases, MTL 
- stopped attaching labels to the outside of case.  

 2) Starting with the November 2002 releases, MTL
- printed prices on the underside of the paper insert.


1) Starting with the July 2002 releases, MTL
- Supplied cars with a Standard Wheel Set mounted.
  And included a Low-Profile Set in the case.

2) Starting with the September 2005 releases, MTL

  - Supplied cars with a Low-Profile Wheel Set mounted.
    But did not include a Standard Set in the case.

3) Starting with the October 2005 releases, MTL

  - Supplied cars with a Low-Profile Wheel Set mounted.
    And included a Standard Wheel Set in the case.

4) Starting with the January 2006 releases, MTL
  - Supplied cars with a Standard Wheel Set mounted.
    And included a Low-Profile Set in the case.

5) Starting with the August 2007 releases, MTL

   - Supplied cars with a Standard Wheel Set mounted.
     But did not include a Low-Profile Set in the case.

6) Starting with the March 2010 releases, MTL

   - Will Supply all N Scale Cars with the new Standard
     33 " wheels equipped.  This new plastic wheel set 
     has a modified flange that looks more prototypical.
     These new wheels will work on code 55 track and
     will stay on any other code track size.  N Scale truck
     packs will be offered with these 33" wheels starting
     in June 2010.



1) Starting with the September 2019 releases, MTL

   - Will Supply all N Scale Cars with blackened trip pins.


Micro-Trains® Line Co. products are not toys
and are not intended forchildren under 14 years

- Small Parts - Not for children under 14 years.

Proud to be a Dealer of Micro-Trains Line Co.